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Our Razor Lets You Shave Outside The Shower

(ie anywhere you damn please)


Why Do You Need
A Sphynx?

Everything you need to shave on-the-go

Ready? Set. Shave!







People Love Sphynx

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this razor! I like that it has a spray bottle, moisturizing bar and blades all together, and they can be refilled when I want. Makes it easy peasy."

Kelli J.

"Something every girl should have! I have already used it as an emergency right before a date the other night. So glad to have this product in my purse and have already recommended it to many of my friends"

Sophie T.

"Wow this idea is genius! I could have used this a long time ago, this is awesome for a quick shave or touch ups when I'm out & about. I even used it on my underarms and it left my skin so soft after."

Tara S.

Our Pinky Promise

We're positive you'll love Sphynx, so try it at no risk for 30 days.
If you don't love Sphynx, we'll refund you,
no questions asked!


What The Press
Is Saying

"This just might be the razor that changes the game entirely."

"Safe to say I am never leaving home without one of these little guys ever again."

"How could a girl-on-the-go not appreciate this travel-size razor?"

7 Places to Stash
Your Sphynx

Avoid the embarrassment of missed spots or growing
into a cactus between shaves.


In your gym bag - Expect the unexpected


In your desk - Shave yourself the embarassment


At the BF's place - Last minute date?


Backpacking through Europe - Travel smooth


In your car - Since you're always on the go


In your beach bag - Because that bikini is teeny weeny


In your carry-on - Yep, we're airport-approved :)

A Few Cool Things You Should Know About Sphynx


Can I replace the blades and moisturizer?

Yep! It's easy breezy. When you're ready, you can swap them out with a Sphynx Refill Pack (check our site for details)


Do I need to wash the moisturizer off after I Shave?

Nope! The pre-shave bar is actually packed with shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter, so it doubles as a moisturizer! When youre done shaving, simply rub any remaining moisturizer in your skin and... voila! Hellooooo, smooth.


Why single blade razors?

We tested hundreds of blade options and learned that the more blades there are, the more gunk that gets stunk in between them - and since you're not near a sink to tap the hairs out (like you would do at home), a single blade works way better when you're on the go. Who woulda thought?!?


Where on the body can I shave?

Sphynx is meant for missed spots and touch ups when you're on the go. Don't use it on sensitive areas of the body or on dry/irritated skin. Apply lots of water and lather generously with the prev-shave bar before shaving. Be sure to apply the razor lightly when shaving.