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We're Sphynx.

We Get It, Life is Busy.

Multi-tasking is your cardio, and you’re always on-the-go. We strive to deliver products for you -- the busy bees. The forgetful. The travelers and thrill seekers. We’re here to make your day easy and convenient no matter where life takes you.

And we’re starting with the world’s first all-in-one portable razor so you can shave anywhere, anytime. Sometimes, you run out of the house and realize you missed a spot shaving. The good news? We run where you run. Whether you’re in your car, hitting the beach, about to work out, at the office, or traveling, toss Sphynx in your bag and live life beautifully.

Because It Matters.

Our products are always 100% vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. That's our promise

Meet Our SHE-E-O

Meet Leila. She’s the brains behind this operation. Leila remembers everything you tell her: names, stories, even that horrible joke you told last week. But she’s pretty forgetful when it comes to shaving, so she invented Sphynx. Besides designing the products herself, she also runs the show. Like a boss. Our favorite part about her? She’s a chocolate hoarder. And she shares.

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