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6 Ways to Stick to your New Years Resolution

As soon as it's January 1st, I'm really excited about all the things I'm going to change and do in the new year. All of a sudden, it's January 15th, motivation has disappeared, and procrastination kicks in...I even procrastinated on this email. If you don't relate, you're a queen! If you do relate, you're still a queen, but I've gathered six items that are going to help us stay on our grind!
1. Resistance workout bands: (Amazon, $9.48)
Get fit.
Keeping that booty in shape just got a lot easier. These bands make it easy to pop, lock and sweat anywhere. Workout at home, the beach, or work and say ta-ta to the struggle of visiting the gym. 

2. Nutrition Cookbook: (Amazon, $15.03) 
Stay nourished. 
If you’re like me, you grubbed over the holidays (still in a sugar coma)! So, this nutrition cookbook is going to come in handy and get my health on track.

3. Reusable Water Bottle: (Swell Bottle, $35.00)
In 2017 I would’ve said “Save water, drink champagne,” but hey, new year, new me! Get a reusable water bottle, so you ALWAYS have it with you. Plus, it keeps your skin glowing. P.S. Don’t forget to refill! 

4. Kindle (Amazon, $79.99):
Read more.
Feed that noggin of yours! This will def get you on the right track to indulging your mind in some great fiction, inspirational, or funny reads. 

5. Yogi’s Teas, $4.89
Catch more zzz's.
I feel you! Three to four hours is not cutting it anymore, and beauty sleep is an actual thing.  This bedtime tea will get you to bed early, and keep you asleep.

6. Fitbit (; $129.95 on sale for $99.95)
All of the above.
Does your resolution include more than 1 of the above resolutions?
Then you’ll need one of these to balance and track your progress. Besides, who doesn’t love a good sale?!
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