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5 Ways to Spice Up an Easter Basket, All For Under $30

Traditional Easter baskets with candy and cute panties are great and all, but it’s time to spice it up a bit!

The following 5 items are useful, can be carried in your purse everywhere, and can all be purchased in total for under $30!!

1. Say Goodbye to Missed Spots with a Sphynx Razor!

This 3-in-1 razor is a game changer. Not only will it look cute in an Easter basket, but it comes with a water spray bottle, pre-shave bar, and not one, but two blades. Get it for 20% off until Easter Sunday here (Retail $14.99/ EASTER SALE $11.99).

2. Keep Those Lips Moisturized!

Yes, I know, it’s just chapstick, BUT preventing dry lips is very important! The shape of this EOS Chapstick is perfect for Easter (Retail $3.29).

3. Hydrate with the Finest!

Help someone out, get them some Nuuns. These vegan, gluten-free tablets contain multiple electrolytes restore your hydration after a crazy workout or night out of drinking (Retail $5.99).

4. Purses on the Ground are a No No!

These handbag hangers are a lifesaver! Now, there’s no need for that extra chair at a restaurant just for your bag, or the dreaded ‘let me just put my bag on the floor’ thought (Retail $3).

5. Throw in Their Favorite Candy!

Keep the basket sweet, and throw in some candy. Who doesn't love a good treat?!? (Retail $2)

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