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13 Tips From a 14-Year Coachella Veteran

After attending Coachella for 14 years, I've FINALLY decided to share my secrets with you. You'll thank me later. 


1. You need these after the sun goes down.

HotHands_Sphynx article

Sold at a supermarket or drugstore, HotHands are the same ones you get when you go on snow trips.  Stuff them in your shoes or pockets. Having one on will keep you warm without having to dress for winter!

2. Don’t get lost!

Meeting Spot

Decide on a meeting spot for you and friends upon arrival. Ideally, it’ll be somewhere you'll walk by often, like a beer garden or a stage.

3. Bring a headlamp.


Super sexy accessory? Eh, not really, but completely essential. A flashlight won’t cut it especially when you need your hands for late night bathroom breaks, holding your friend’s hands or walking to your car, tent, house, or uber; take my word for it :)

4. Bring wipes! I repeat: BRING WIPES.


You’ll use these babies like 10x a day.

5. Bring a refillable water bottle.

refillable water bottle - Stay Hydrated Sphynx

The sun, dancing and standing on your feet all day makes you thirsty! Bring a refillable water bottle that can clip to your bag. There are plenty of places to fill up for FREE.

6. Sharpie survival.


Cell phones die right when you need them most, so go analog. Write numbers, addresses, bus info etc. with sharpie on everyone’s palm.

7. Dress cute (duh), but smart!

Body Love Athletica Coachella Sphynx Razor

IT WILL GET COLD. Carry a light pair of leggings that roll up easily and keep in your bag. A hoodie is always a good idea too. Leggings in photo from BodyLove Athletica.

8. Timestamps are a lifesaver.

Time Stamp Coachella Sphynx

Messages get delayed. Text people with a timestamp, so they know when you sent it.

9. Closed-toed shoes are essential.

Coachella close toed shoes Sphynx

Trust. It’s sandy, you'll get stepped on a lot (obviously not on purpose). Sandals just don’t cut it, and they’ll likely get ruined anyways.

10. Bring sunscreen & sunglasses.

sunblock coachella sphynx

It’s the sun’s mission to burn you. For real. Protect your skin and your pretty lil’ eyes! Bring sunscreen, and a few cheap pairs of sunglasses, they’ll get abused by the festival. You might even end up wearing your sunglasses at night. ;) 

11. Don’t forget your Sphynx portable razor. It has water, a pre-shave bar, and a razor! 

Sphynx portable razor

The sun WILL expose hairy spots you missed (helloooo stray armpit patches!). We’ve been there, but this bad boy has water, a pre-shave bar, and an all-in-one razor. Get one now before the music starts - Sphynx Razor is available online and at Ulta stores nationwide.

12. Bring a towel!

Coachella Towel Sphynx

You’ll get tired of all the walking and dancing. Bring something to lounge on, just make sure it’s light. Pro-tip: a towel with a fun pattern is best because it’ll help your friends spot you!

13. Be kind. Have fun and celebrate life :) 

Have Fun Coachella Sphynx


Los Angeles, California