Ready? Set. Shave.

Yep, You Can Shave There

On top of a mountain, at the beach, in the car (ok, don't shave AND drive, be reasonable people), on a plane... you get the idea. Shave that beautiful bod anytime, anywhere.


Designed To Go With You

Leila, our She-E-O, invented Sphynx to get you out of life's hairy moments. Each compact razor contains a refillable spray water bottle, a shea butter-based moisturizing bar, and two separate razor blades.

What Peeps Are Sayin'

Don't forget your refill!

Each refill pack includes one moisturizing shave bar and two razor blades, so you never have to worry about running low when you're on the go.

Refill Pack

Sphynx Razor Refill Pack